While you’re shopping for an updated heating and cooling system, you identify options that save the most energy. However, it’s challenging to utilize its efficiency if your residence has leaks or deficient insulation.

We make it simple to increase your household’s comfort with a home energy audit in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Our NATE-certified professionals will identify locations throughout your home that can be enhanced and recommend changes, which can potentially save additional costs on heating and cooling expenses.

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What Happens During a Home Energy Audit?

Our team will perform numerous tests inside and outside your home throughout the audit.  

These incorporate:

  • Monitoring attic, HVAC and water heater insulation.
  • Confirm that ductwork is not leaky.
  • Will recommend options for improvement in the home.

Schedule Your Home Energy Audit Now

When you do a home energy audit with US Air Heating and Cooling, our experts will identify problems and provide a solution.

Solutions may vary from swapping light bulbs to reinsulating areas of your residence or getting a new appliance.

Our commitment is to help you create a more comfortable house that’s also kind to your savings account. Call us at 803-220-0761 or contact us online to arrange an appointment now.

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